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  • Promote your Scout campaign to over 175,000 readers by email
  • Delivery to thousands of engaged Kindle users on Facebook
  • Massive amount of page views and nominations for your book
  • Many more hours in Hot & Trending
  • Hugely increased chance of getting selected by Kindle Press
  • Great launchpad to building early reviews and social proof
  • Scout Boost is in no way affiliated with Amazon or any of its subsidiary companies
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Kindle Scout’s Submission Page

Kindle Scout’s reader powered publishing model offers authors a fantastic opportunity to gain a lucrative publishing contract (50% royalty structure and $1,500 advance) which comes with a ready made fan base and the promotional might of Amazon to drive sales.

One of the biggest challenges authors face when trying to secure a Kindle Press publishing contract is visibility within the Scout platform. Authors only have 30 days of visibility within the site and it is essential to maximise the presence of your book during that timeframe. Yes, people will organically come across your book when they’re browsing Kindle Scout, but books that have no external promotion behind them quickly sink to obscurity.

While it’s only one factor that Kindle Press considers when deciding whether to pursue a publishing contract with you, the Hot & Trending (H&T) chart is really where you have to be in order to stand a chance of being considered. The H&T chart consists of the 20 most nominated books on the platform at any given time. Typically there are around 200 or so books listed on Scout within any given day, so one needs to maximise exposure to remain within that 20% of books.

Kindle Scout’s Internal Stats Dashboard

Kindle Scout’s internal stats dashboard allows you to see how many hours per day a campaign remains in the H&T chart. In this image example (Take the Body and Run), a campaign run with Scout Boost which successfully gained a Kindle Press contract, you will see that the book was featured 699 of a possible 720 hours within the full 30 days of activity. That’s 97% of the time in H&T! Below that bar chart is a line chart which shows how many page views the book received per day. This will give you an indication of what it takes to keep a book in the upper levels of H&T. You will notice the four large spikes are where we heavily promoted this book to keep it up in the top of H&T after it began to falter on the 12th of May. There is a three or so day trail-off following each promo, but this level of activity is nearly always enough to keep a book consistently buoyed up into H&T.

So why is it so important to remain featured in H&T?

Aside from the already mentioned benefit of being visible to Kindle Press’ review team, it’s important to realise that those who nominate a book during a Kindle Scout campaign will be among the first to review your book when it’s live – regardless of whether you receive a Kindle Press publishing contract or not.

If you’re fortunate enough to secure a Kindle Press publishing contract all of those Kindle Scout users who read your excerpt and nominated you will be offered a free copy of our book once it’s published. This will lead to an early glut of positive reviews – which is of course a huge bonus in projecting social proof in the early stages of your book’s launch. More positive reviews beget more sales, and so on…

It's worth paying to maximise nominations and H&T time even if you don't get selected by Kindle Press

While it can feel disheartening not to receive a Kindle Press contract once your 30 days are up, you shouldn’t see it as a negative. One must realise that Kindle Press only selects a fairly small percentage of books to move forward with. If your book is rejected, you can always go ahead and self-publish it the usual way via KDP. However, the difference is, that unlike a standard KDP launch, you will have effectively pre-sold your book for a month while it was gaining huge exposure on Kindle Scout. Therefore, the more ‘juice’ you give your book on Kindle Scout, the more you will benefit should you come to publish it separately. The key to success here lies in pre-capturing a reader base with your Kindle Scout thank you letter.

Kindle Scout allows you to write a 500 character thank you letter which is sent out to all of those readers who nominated your book excerpt in the event that your book doesn’t get selected. It is essential to get this set up prior to your campaign closing as you can’t do this retrospectively. We have provided an example letter to demonstrate what should be included. Make it as personal as possible, and make sure to include all subscription methods.

Dear Readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in engaging with and nominating YOUR BOOK NAME, regardless of whether Kindle Press accept it or not. Please sign up to my mailing list on WEBSITE ADDRESS HERE, follow me on FACEBOOK PROFILE/PAGE HERE and @YOUR TWITTER USERNAME. Feel free to write me at YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, too.

If I get accepted, please leave a review for the free copy that you’ll receive.

If you enjoyed my excerpt and I’m not accepted, please join my MAILING LIST LINK HERE and I will send you a link to the full book once it’s published elsewhere.

Many thanks,


So, exactly how does Scout Boost reach all of these engaged readers?

Scout Boost will create a bespoke and engaging html email which will be sent out to over 175,000 readers in our BookGrow distribution network (Genre Pulse, Free Book Feed and Price Dropped Books). Our audience is highly engaged and receives daily emails from us for price dropped and freebie Kindle books.

The message will include a bit of info on your book and will include instructions on what actions to take (nominations) when our readers land on your Kindle Scout page.

Additionally, we will seed your promo to our private Facebook Kindle book discovery group, Kindle Book Club, which at time of writing has over 6,000 members.

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